Supermans – Build Your Lower Back Without Equipment

You won’t always have the benefit of having modern gym equipment at your disposal. Sometimes, you will find yourself in situations where you need to go somewhere far from your local gym. In these cases, you don’t need to stray away from your ultimate goal.

If you are trying to build or strengthen your lower back, you can do a bunch of exercises without any equipment and we want to feature one exercise that we highly recommend:

Supermans (known by many names) are when you lie face down, arms straight over your head, and lift your feet (straight legs) and hands to arch your body as much as you can. You can either do pull+hold for a second or two before release, or kick your arms and legs up and down continuously opposite of each other (right/left alternating).



For the ladies, instead of lifting both arms and legs at the same time, you can lift one arm in an L-shape at the same time as the opposite leg.

The Alternating Superman for Lower Back

Lay on your stomach with your arms in a goalpost position resting on the floor. Alternate between lifting your right arm and your left leg, and lifting your left arm and right leg accordingly. Make sure to squeeze your glutes with doing this one.

bad posture cat

Back Muscle Exercises to Improve Posture

Right at this very moment, many of us are probably sitting on our asses for many hours now. Everyday, we rest our butts and remain in the same physical position for hours and hours sitting in a classroom, office, in front of a TV or computer.

The human body did not evolve with this sort of minimal physical activity. Humans evolved from being knuckle-walkers to having an upright posture and locomotion. We are not going back all the way to walking on all fours…


Poor posture comes from a hunched back to a tilted pelvis. It is definitely unattractive, but potential health problems (especially at old age), poses a more serious problem.

A person with great posture displays a sense of strength and confidence to those around him/her. This week’s post aims to work on developing your posture and lower back. First, you need to determine if you have any underlying back problems. You can consult your physician first. You can start improving your posture by keeping your back and neck straight when sitting or standing throughout your day.

You can also try these exercises everyday that will strengthen the weak muscles that are the root cause of your poor posture.


Cobra Pose

This move strengthens the lower back muscles that extend your spine and prevent slouching.


Starting by lying on your stomach with palms flat on the floor near your ribs and extending your legs straight behind you. Then exhale strongly and pull your ab muscles in and up toward your spine. Straighten out through your spine and slowly elevate your head and chest off the floor, using only your back muscles. Slowly lower back down to the original position. Repeat this three to five times then add more as your lower back gets stronger.

Remember to reach your arms long beside your head and keep your elbows straight. Don’t push down into your arms to press up.


Plank Pose

This exercise strengthens the obliques, shoulders and most importantly, your back muscles.


Start on your hands and knees with your palms under your shoulders. Extend both legs straight behind you with your toes tucked under, into a position like the top of a pushup. Pull your abdominal muscles in so your low back doesn’t sag as you exhale..
Hold the plank until you start feeling fatigued. Rest and then repeat.

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Your Deltoids will get your back looking good too!

Any comic book lover will tell you that, to qualify as a bonafide superhero, one must have (aside from a super-power or two) an impressively cut body. Indeed the first thing many comic book readers notice is how sculptured the bodies of the protagonists are, particularly their coconut husk-like deltoids. Well, we may not be able to arrange for you to be bitten by a radioactive creature, but we can help you achieve rock-like shoulders and delts, all the better to make gullible bystanders believe you really can leap over tall buildings in a single bound.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your back straight. Grip the barbell at shoulder width just at the chest area, in front of the shoulders. Lift until your elbows lock, then slowly lower back to starting position.


Place the bar on your shoulders, behind your neck. Grip the bar around eight inches wider than shoulder width. Lift the bar until elbows lock, then slowly lower back to starting position.


Standing with feet shoulder width apart and back straight, hold dumbbells at your sides. Slowly lift them sideways, arms slightly bent, until they reach shoulder height. Slowly lower back to starting position. You can also do seated workouts. These should be done as supersets, meaning after each set of exercise, you go to the next exercise without resting. You can do this by holding the dumbbells under your thighs, then lift to your sides going upward to shoulder height. Your elbow should be at the same height as the weight. Slowly lower back to starting position.


Same starting position as the seated lateral raises but this time, you should bend over so that your chest touches your thighs. Perform the same movements in this position as the seated lateral raises.


Same position as the bent over laterals, but this time you lift the weights forward instead of sideways



  • FRONT PRESS – 15 reps, 2 sets
  • BACK PRESS - 15 reps, 2 sets
  • LATERAL RAISES - 15 reps, 2 sets


  • SEATED LATERAL RAISES - 10 reps, 3 sets
  • BENT-OVER FRONT RAISES - 10 reps, 3 sets
Bodybuilding supplements are not steroids

Bodybuilding Supplements Are Not Steroids

It is often perceived in this steroid age that milestones in sports and bodybuilding are more than just a product of one person’s scintillating effort. Every home run Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols sends to the stands, every vicious dunk Blake Griffin delivers to inspire awe in the NBA, every crushing smash the Williams Sisters execute to establish their dominance, every perfect back muscle we see at Mr. Universe every year – there is a notion that all these happen because forces other than sheer dedication to excellence comes into play.

What are those other forces? People could point it out towards bizarre and superstitious habits – say, shaving one’s chest hair before a playoff game, whim (eating only at a particular restaurant before tip-off), a fashion statement (wearing headbands, knee-high socks, a favorite underwear), and a raucous fan base (behaving like the bedlam – and the New York Yankee-loving bleacher creatures). They could be due to the old-school beliefs like believing in a system, a coach or team pride.Or of course, they could simply be a matter of great conditioning. At worst, it will be attributed to performance enhancing drugs or steroids. But nobody will go and tell that this could be because of the help of bodybuilding and health supplements.

A lot of people are misinformed and a lot may say that supplements are steroids. These are not steroids ladies and gentlemen.

Calcium Supplements for Bodybuilding

Taken properly, health supplements like calcium supplements can enhance the training and performance and general progress of athletes and bodybuilders.

Indeed a lot of people still equate supplements and performance enhancers with this controversial sports drug. Supplements are just that, supplements to your nutrition. They are not magical answers to better results. Used correctly, they can enhance your training, diet, and general progress.

Health Pills for Bodybuilding

Still, many people wonder why a balanced diet and regular exercise are not enough to keep you in championship form. We can’t always get what we need from the food we eat. Add that to the quality of food today, the environment, pollution, and all the stress that we have. Supplements will hopefully balance things out.

You don’t have to be the superstar athlete to start taking supplements; wanting to be in tip top form at all times is enough. Whether you are a bodybuilder, weekend athlete or just an active person in general, you can take them too.

Picking the right supplement though, is like choosing from all the instant noodles that all look the same, but tout various claims. To make the task easier, you have to first pinpoint your objective. There are different supplements for different goals. If your goal is to have a lean, ripped-muscle look, there are supplements for that. If you want to do strength training, or if you want to size up, there are also brands for that.

In this section of the website, we will feature the most popular types of supplements and natural performance enhancers. Check back in the next few weeks for details on these wonderful supplements that can help you build a lean back. Your back muscles need every help that it could get.


Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

We cannot stress enough that a strong and healthy back is essential to keeping fit. To this end, I present some additional exercises to toughen up your back, specifically targeting the the lower end of it. After all, if your back is the only thing girls are going to see as you say goodbye, then you might as well give them something great to look at. Without further a do, some lower back strengthening exercises for your pleasure.

Upright Row

Use a palms-down (pronated) grip, hands close together, holding the barbell at your thighs. Pull the bar up to the chin, keeping the elbows high witht the bar close to the body. Concentrate on trying to touch your trapezius muscle to the side of your neck. On the down phase, concentrate on keeping the weight under control.

Upright Row for Lower Back


Bent Over Row

Use a pronated grip slightly wider than shoulder width, head up and torso parallel to the floor. Start with the knees slightly flexed and locked in this position. Pull the weight up to the chest or stomach. Concentrate on pulling slowly, allowing the desired back muscle to create maximum force. Return to the starting position.

Bent Over Row for Lower Back


One-armed Dumbell Row

One hand and knee resting on the bench, slowly pull the dumbell as high as possible to the side. Try to keep the upper body in a parallel position and avoid swinging or jerking the weight upward, as this increases the momentum and reduces the chance for maximal results.

One Armed Dumbbell Row for Lower Back


Back extension

Supporting the heels, upper thighs and the pelvis on the padded supports and arms folded across (or palms by the ears), slowly lower the upper torso down as far as is comfortably possible. Slowly pull up to a horizontal position. Note, however, that hyper extending beyond the horizontal position can aggravate the spinal column, and therefore should be avoided.

Back Extensions for Lower back


Back Muscles while Rock Climbing

This Month’s Featured Backs

Did you know that our back has some of the largest muscles in our entire body? Despite this, people everywhere are so consumed with getting their arms ripped or having those rock hard six pack abdominal muscles and don’t bother to build the back muscles.  It is not surprising however, since most people associate importance with visibility. We are here to change this perception. Here are some pictures that will provide the necessary motivation to get up on those pull-up bars.


Sure, you can’t see them in the mirror. But those who can will definitely appreciate the view.



 There is a reason why you go up those bars. You won’t be able to see the action but your back takes on the weight.



Going rock climbing without a shirt on poses a chance to show off those fine back muscles.


Back Muscles Exercises

Some Back Muscle Strengthening Exercises

You have probably been focusing so much on how big your arms are, or how rock hard your stomach is, that you have been neglecting to build up a very large and very important part of your body – your back. After all, you can’t really beat the world sit up record if you have got a bad back, right? So read on, and take the following exercises tailored specifically for a fabulous flipside. Below are some back muscle strengthening exercises you can definitely not turn your back on.

Vertical Traction Exercise Machine

This exercise the latissimus dorsi commonly known as the lats or the “wings”, lower traps (mid back), and to a degree it also works out the rear delts (rear head of the shoulder muscles), biceps and forearms. Take hold of the overhead grips, and pull them down (visualize on pushing your elbows down and back) in a slow and deliberate manner (2-4 seconds down). Hold for about a count, exhale on exertion and slowly return to the original position (2-4 seconds up)

Vertical Traction Exercise


Upper Back Exercise Machine

This works out of the upper back, mid traps and rear delts, and it also works out the upper traps, biceps and forearms to a certain degree. Adjust the seat pad to a height where the nipple line is in the middle of the chest pad. Adjust the chest pad so that your arms will will be able to reasonably reach and extend the hand grips.

Reach and hold the handgrips in a comfortable position, with trunk on a slight incline, keep your chest up always in contact with the chest pad, neck aligned with the spine. Keeping your chest on the chest pad, slowly pull on the hand grips, squeeze the upper back and shoulder blades (scapula) together (visualize by imagining that you are pinching a pencil with your shoulder blades), keep the elbows and arms parallel to the ground.

Upper Back Exercise


Lower Back Machine

This focuses on the lower back. Adjust the pad, to the level of your upper back. Keep your chin in and neck aligned with the spine, hands on your lap or on the side (use only for stability and not to provide assistance to the lower back). Bring the weight up in a controlled and even manner until the upper back touches the back rest of the machine, exhale during the exertion phase. To avoid injury in the lower back or in the the neck, do not look up and do not hyperextend the lower back. Always keep the neck and head aligned with the spine, keep your lower back straight and your abs tight at all times

Lower back Exercise

Sexy back muscles

Build your Back Muscles Today!

Welcome to! A website dedicated to teaching you how you can build your back muscles. We believe that having strong back muscles is critical to developing the body’s overall physique.  In any fitness routine, building the back muscles should be an important concern as it is fundamental to creating a sound healthy body. Get started on building your back muscles and improve on your overall look! This is where you will find everything there is to know to developing a stronger and healthier back.


Build your Back Muscles


We have heard it all before – That there is no point in building the back muscles since you can’t really see them in the mirror. That is just wrong on so many levels. With that type of mindset, results are a rare thing.  We strongly believe that the goal of developing  strength and mass in your back muscles should be as much of a priority as arm, chest and abdominal muscles.  This website will help you get on the right track with the latest back exercises and back training regimen with the ultimate goal of improving your posture, creating a balanced musculature, and developing a stronger, more muscular look.  So build your back muscles today!